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Check back regularly for announcements, deadline reminders and updates as we continue to make plans for EAST Conference!  

3/31/2016: The #EASTcon16 highlights are now live!! Relive all the Conference fun by checking out all the videos and photos, courtesy of the Student Documentation Team. Thank you to everyone for making this an event to remember, and we can't wait to see you next year!! Don't forget to submit your design for the 2017 EAST Conference Logo Competition. Our theme was announced at this year's Closing Session - "Level Up: EAST Mode." The submission deadline is Friday, March 6.

3/1/2016:  The Conference is approaching and we are getting so excited!!  Today we are excited to share that Dr. Sherece West-Scantlebury, Ph.D. is the Keynote for the Awards Gala.  Check out the Conference Gala page for more information and details for that evening.

2/25/2016: Breakout session registration went live today!  We have added additional details on the plans for the exciting Red Carpet Extravaganza and Conference Gala happening on March 16.  Be sure to check those out so you are familiar with the plan for that night!  Congratulations are also in order for Poster Competition Finalists and the EAST Project Competition finalists.   

2/23/2016: The concession stand menu available for EAST Fusion has been added.

2/22/2016:  A complete listing of breakout sessions are now available for viewing and planning purposes only.  Breakout session registration will go live Thursday, February 25 at 8:30 AM.  Be sure to check out the registration details as well. 

2/9/2016: This year's National Service Project Competition finalists have been announced.  Six EAST programs will present to a panel of judges on Wednesday, March 16 and the winner will be announced at the Gala.  Also, the Music Competition Finalists have been announced!  Check the Competition Finalist page in the Newsroom tab to have a listen and be ready to vote for your winner during Opening Plenary on Tuesday, March 15.  Remember tomorrow is the deadline for students and chaperones to be registered for the EAST Conference and for your three photos to be uploaded to the Conference website.  Both are important deadlines you do not want to miss! 

2/9/2016: Congratulations to the five Overall Founder's Award Finalists!!! These programs will present to a panel of judges on Tuesday, March 15 and their booths will be featured on the carpeted area at Conference.  Make sure you take time visit their booth and see what great things they are up to.  We have also announced the EAST programs that have met all of the requirements and are eligible to win a Founder's Award Sub-Category: Student Growth, Community & Collaboration, and Project Sophistication & Innovation.  

2/9/2016: The Tech Support Olympiad Leaderboard has been updated and the top six (6) contestants have been announced and invited to participate in the final LIVE round at Conference.  Thank you to all of the students who submitted Application Showcase Competitions!  The submissions have been sent to the judges and we will announce the winners at the Gala.  Unfortunately the Micro Controller Competition hosted by the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub was cancelled due to low participation.

2/8/2016: Details for EAST Fusion and STEM Challenges have been announced with a special thanks to Acxiom and CAST for sponsoring these events.

2/8/2016:  We are excited about the new Tinker Space available to conference attendees on both Day 2 & 3 of Conference.  Sponsored by NWA 3D, Horner Hall will host several opportunities for attendees to get hands-on with cool technology!

2/3/2016: The Austin Hotel has has changed its name to The Hotel Hot Springs & Spa.  

1/14/16: A new Administrators' Reception is scheduled for March 16th from 2:30-3:30 PM.  EAST Program Administratos are invited to attend this networking event.  

1/7/16: Two more Conference Clips videos were released yesterday! Check out the Newsroom Tab - Conference Videos for more information on how to get involved with the EAST Alumni and to find out a litle more about the EAST Conference Showcase!

1/6/16: Guidelines for the "EAST: Leaving a Legacy" Video Competition, hosted by the EAST Alumni, have been added to the Student Competitions page. Deadline is noon CST on Tuesday, February 9!! Also, scores for Ticket 1 of the Tech Support Olympiad contestants can now be viewed on the TSO Contestants Leaderboard. An email with Ticket 2 will be sent out VERY soon so keep an eye out!! Remember - only the highest scoring students will be invited to participate in the final round and only one student from a school will be eligible to compete so don't share your answers!!

12/17/15: Congratulations to the students selected for the 2016 Student Leadership Teams!! With more than 150 applications to review, we faced a lot of tough decisions selecting this year's Ambassador, Documentation and Tech Support teams. We are very excited to work with these students to make #EASTcon16 the best Conference yet!

12/9/15: To expedite the registration process, schools now have the ability to submit their (required) Emergency Contact Form digitally AND in advance of Conference! The digital form must be submitted by March 1, 2016, otherwise you must wait until Conference to turn in or complete a phsyical form onsite during registration. The digital form can be accessed through the Pre-Conference Dashboard on the My Planner page.  

12/7/15: We are re-opening the applications and facilitator nominations for all Student Leadership Team positions beginning today, Dec. 7, through 5:00 PM CST tomorrow, Dec. 8. Due to an error in our submission system, the forms did not close at the appropriate time last week and we continued to receive applications after the deadline. Please note that this courtesy will not be extended for any future deadlines. In the future, we ask that you pay very close to attention the deadlines (dates AND times). Some items have a noon CST deadline attached to them. This practice is in place to ensure that someone from the EAST Initiative staff will be available to assist with any upload or submission issues. If a deadline does not have a specific time, then you hav until midnight to submit. Once a deadline has passed, the submission form will automatically disable and you will not be able to access it. Also, please note that if you are in the middle of completing a form when the deadline occurs, the form will not automatically disappear but you will receive an error message when you hit the submit button and your application will not accepted. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation! 

12/3/15: Congratulations to the 40 students who qualified for Round 2 of the Tech Support Olympiad!! A complete list of qualifying TSO Contestants can be found in the Newsroom Tab. If your name is on the list and you have not received an email with next steps, please contact as soon as possible!! These students must now face three (3) challenges and will receive points based on their responses. We'll be posting scores after each round so you can cheer on your favorite competitors! Good luck!!

11/30/15: NEW THIS YEAR is the EAST Project Competition!! It is an opportunity for students to submit an EAST project they feel represents the best their EAST program has to offer. Guidelines are available on the EAST Project Competition page, which can be found in the Student Competition links in the Involvement tab. Deadline is noon CST, Feb. 12, 2016!

11/20/15: We added some additional information and resources to help you prepare for the Program Pitch. This is the presentation your school will be giving to the judges at Conference. That information can be found on the Program Pitch page (EAST Program Tab > Conference Showcase > scroll down & click on Program PItch). Be sure to click on the buttons that say "Program Pitch - Questions for Consideration" and "Suggestions for Practical Presentations." Also, we added information about the Best of Conference Awards that are awarded at Conference. The Dressed to a Tee category is up for grabs again this year and you have the opportunity to submit designs in advance. Only 1 submission is allowed for each EAST Program. Click the T-Shirt Design Submission Form button for additional guidelines. The deadline is March 2! 

11/19/15: Conference Clips is back this year to provide you with valuable Conference information in video form! The first two are now available and can be found in the Newsroom Tab - Conference Videos.

11/17/15: Interested in applying for the Founder's Award competition? Check out the tips and tricks video on the Founder's Award Competition page. Thank you to the 2015 Overall Winner, Harrisburg Middle School!

11/12/15: Another student competition has been added! Check out the guidelines for the Video Showcase Competition - it's also listed on the Student Competitions page! The submission deadline is noon CST Wednesday, Jan. 27.

11/4/15: Facilitators now have the option to add multiple Student Administrators to help manage Conference planning! These students can essentially do everything that a facilitator can except drop the school's Conference registration. To add a student administrator, see the School Roster page of the MyPlanner section on the Conference website. You must be logged in and registered for Conference to access this area. Click the button that says "Register Students" to locate the student(s) and click "Register" next to their name(s). Then click "View Current Roster" and now you should be able to select their name(s) from the dropdown menu under Student Administrators. 

11/3/15: We have released the guidelines and applications for all of the competitions currently listed on the Student Competitions page!! Topics include: Poster, Music, Website Design, Storytelling with Esri Maps, Micro Controllers, 3D Animation ArchiCAD, and the National Service Project. Click the DETAILS button under each competition to access the information. Please thoroughly review the guidelines for each competition, as failure to adhere to guidelines will result in disqualification. Deadlines have been added to the MyPlanner section. Good luck!!

10/29/15: The final and live round of the Tech Support Olympiad will take place at 9:00 AM on Thursday, March 17 in the Grand Lobby!! The public is invited to cheer on the contestants, and we are making plans to live stream the event on YouTube. More details will be available on the EAST in Action page closer to Conference.

10/27/15: Guidelines and applications are now available for the 2016 Timothy R. Stephenson Founder's Award! The content can be found in the Involvement Tab. At the bottom of the page you will find four buttons that link to additional pages for each category: Student Growth, Community and Collaboration, and Project Sophistication and Innovation. As a reminder, programs wishing to apply for the Overall Founder's Award must also complete the applications for the other three categories. Good luck!!

10/21/15: The Courtyard by Marriott is now offering an EAST rate for our 2016 Conference. Visit the Hotel Information for rates and additional details. There is also a link where you can book your room online.

10/12/15: Guidelines for the 2016 Tech Support Olympiad have been released!! Similar to last year, there will be three (3) rounds in which students must compete. The first two (2) rounds happen prior to Conference and the top contestants will be invited to Conference to compete in the final round. Golden Help Ticket responses are due by noon CST November 30, 2015!

9/30/15: The 2016 EAST Conference website is now live!!! We'll be adding more information throughout the year, so be sure to check back frequently. Have fun and happy browsing!!

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